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Create a moving plan with HomeDiary

Posted by Kris Cone on Dec 21, 2018 8:20:13 AM

Moving into your new home.

Moving is hard.  HomeDiary can help you:

  • plan your spaces,
  • direct the movers with box and room locations,
  • experiment with what an open concept might look like on your mid-century modern ranch home,
  • document your improvements to keep track of tax basis or the name of the person that repaired the garage door (and log the warranty period), or
  • log your space inventory, even if it is one photo of each room, for insurance purposes.

See how Jackie used HomeDiary to move, with a 2 year old.  Every Home has a Story to Tell - we help you start telling it before you even move in!


Here is a quick video on how you can create your own moving plan, right from the floor plan copied from the virtual tour when you claim your home.  The 2D/3D space planner is under Spaces and you can edit anything.

  • add or remove walls
  • add furniture & decore
  • change flooring or wall colors
  • add notes
  • create screen shots and print or share


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Convert an Appraisal Sketch into a 3D Plan

Posted by Kris Cone on Sep 26, 2018 5:13:13 PM

If you bought a home and got a loan, you most likely got an appraisal. Well, within the appraisal is a to scale floor plan layout. This can be used as a great starting point to create a 3D floor plan for your home.

View a video on how to create some 3D magic.

Convert this boring looking appraisal plan into 3D:

In the future, you will be able to generate a 3D rendered image like this! Stay tuned!
View Ridge 3D

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