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How HomeDiary helped Jackie move

Feb 23, 2019 8:59:26 AM / by Kris Cone

HomeDiary has lots of uses. For a new homeowner, it can start helping you before you even move into the home. If the property came with our virtual tour on the listing side, the new owner can claim it (the seller can claim it too as a keepsake) and get access to the listing photos and 2D/3D floorplans, including the 3D space planner.

Great uses for the new home buyer:

  • The floor plan can be used to plan the move, such as create a moving guide of where the boxes will go.


Moving Plan (1)


  • It can be used to plan a remodel to see what changes might look like virtually. Want to see what an open concept might look like? Just hide a wall and go into first person. Want to see what hardwoods or carpet might look like in a room, just change it with a click. The 3D Space planner is the ultimate "What If" tool and it can be accessed via the virtual tour or within HomeDiary itself.
  • Share it with contractors, designers and more.
  • Buy and arrange furniture before you do the hard work
  • Use the iOS app to snap photos of each room to create a base record for insurance, quickly

See Jackie's Story on how HomeDiary helped her move.


HomeDiary is an app for your computer as well as for your Apple iOS device (iPhone and iPad).  Just go to www.homediary.com from any computer or tablet, or visit the Apple App store and download.  Its free.

ios app

For Home Pros, you can sign up and sponsor all of your clients with our paid membership plan.  Select Home Pro when you sign up.  

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Kris Cone

Written by Kris Cone