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Draw over a background image to create a 3D Floor Plan

Feb 18, 2019 9:45:51 AM / by Kris Cone

Use an appraiser's sketch to draw a 3D space plan for your home.  The background image can be any source - hand drawn on graph paper, a marketing brochure you got when you bought your home, architectural plans, whatever.  Just snap a photo (or scan) from about 90 degrees, upload that image as a background image and then scale one wall.  Then start drawing.  See the video for detail on how to get started.


Note on Scaling - if you use an appraisers sketch, make sure your set the dimension/length of the wall on the outside edges, because appraisers measure from the outside of the home around.  If you are using a marketing brochure, then the dimensions shown likely are interior room measurements.

We will have additional videos on how to outfit your home further with furnishing and decor.

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Kris Cone

Written by Kris Cone